Promotion Strategies: Save with a Marketing PodCast

Just a few years ago, radio was the way to get audio announcements out about your business and a marketing PodCast was nonexistent. Today, the marketing PodCast as a promotion strategy will revolutionize getting your message out but to a wider audience and at much cheaper production costs. The marketing PodCast is derived from the Apple iPod product and is an excellent way to promote your business as part of your overall promotional Charlestown and marketing efforts.

A marketing PodCast can be subscribed to via RSS

RSS stands for real simple syndication and it is what makes a marketing PodCast easy to subscribe to. What people like about RSS feeds for their marketing PodCast is that the feed viewer is somewhat like an email client. However one can only choose what feed he or she wants. The information updates constantly from the website providing the feed.

To put this in simpler terms, think of the alternatives. If you have a marketing presentation that is recorded on a traditional .mp3 file, you have to notify your subscriber base to download the new file each time it changes. With a marketing PodCast, your subscribers will automatically get a notification through a RSS feed and a software application known as a PodCast aggregator will collect the updates without any intervention on the part of the user.

A marketing PodCast is like a radio ad

Anyone can create a marketing PodCast and publish it. It is very much like a radio advertisement except that your audience is now global. Another thing different about the marketing PodCast when compared to radio is that the listeners can filter out what they want to hear and what they do not want to hear. They do this by viewing the descriptions on the RSS feeds that tell the subject. It is better to get an audience in your marketing PodCast of people who actually have some interest in your product or service as they will be listening better.

A marketing PodCast can be listened to at any time

Radio ads have to be scheduled. Your marketing PodCast can be listened to at any time and from anywhere in the world. So when you have an update in a marketing PodCast all you do is have to put it on our server and let the subscribers get it at any time they like.

You don’t need an iPod to view a marketing PodCast

If you have a personal computer and want to enjoy a marketing PodCast offered, all you have to do is download the iTunes manager from Apple. This software is a PodCast aggregator much like an RSS feed aggregator that will bring all the marketing PodCast feeds you subscribe to into one central location and keep them updated. It runs in the Windows system tray and can be set to check for a new marketing PodCast in each of your feeds daily, hourly, or at a manual interval.

Be careful with your marketing PodCast

Not everyone has top-of-the-line computers or high-speed internet connections so make sure your marketing PodCast is optimized so as not to require a lot of system resources to play. Nothing can do more damage to the message you are trying to relay with your marketing PodCast then to have a file so large that these users will not benefit from it.

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